The Single Biggest Mistake
Most Salespeople Make Is Not Asking
The Right Questions

"You Can Judge The Quality of Your Questions
By The Quality of The Responses You Get"

Dear Sales Professional,

Look, selling is hard work. I'm talking from experience. I've made all the mistakes a sales person can make and then some!

Here's what I learned. Your ears will always out-earn your mouth, so you have to start asking the right questions.

The easiest way to attract more customers and increase your sales is to stop talking and start asking intelligent questions.

If you're like most salespeople you love what you're doing.

If you're like most salespeople you also love talking about your products.

The challenges you face everyday, however can be down-right overwhelming at times.

Your sales prospects are resistant to change.

Your customers are very demanding.

Your competitors have their backs up against the same wall of challenges you're dealing with and they force you play the low-ball pricing game.

So what happens when this happens? Well you pick up the pace of doing things. The pressure builds up to get more things done in less time.

And because of this pressure and limits on your time, what do you think happens when you finally get face-to face with a sales prospect or customer?

Unfortunately - you probably end up doing most of the talking. That's just what most salespeople do. And pity the poor sales prospects and customers who have to listen to endless sales babble.

Things like . . .

I know your busy so I won't take up much of your time . . .

In my own mind . . .

Can I be honest with you . . .

I see your point but . . .

I'll let you in on a little secret. The person who does the most talking during a sales call (Buyer / seller) enjoys it the most. So, why not let your sales prospects and customers enjoy the sales call too?

Let them do most of talking.

Here's another little known secret most salespeople either ignore or are oblivious to. "The less you say, the smarter you'll sound." It's true and I confess it took me years to understand this.

Stop talking and start asking the right sales questions

What if you could learn the proven techniques used by a super-successful, sales trainer and consultant and start using them within 48 hours?

What if all it took to jumpstart your sales performance were some insights into the art of the conversation - the sales conversation?

And what if I told you that the techniques I'm about to reveal are not complicated, and easy to adopt and adapt, so that you can start seeing results as early as your next sales call?

If there's just one thing I could tell all salespeople it would be to ask more sales questions - rock-solid open-ended questions that really do work.

My name is Jim Meisenheimer and during the past 26.5 years I've helped more than 100,000 salespeople achieve better selling results. With a client list of 542 Corporations and 72.7% of revenues derived from Repeat Business, I know what I'm talking about!

And I've put that "something" - my own personal formula for selling success - into a 120 - page eBook that should be required reading for all entrepreneurs and professional salespeople.

It's a compilation of information and my best selling ideas from speeches and sales training programs I've done during the last 26.5 years and presentations that have earned me 4 nominations to the National Speakers Association Speaker Hall of Fame.

Using the sales questions in my book, "The 12 Best Questions To Ask Customers" is like having a secret weapon. Your competition won't know what hit them.

Because my customers tell me this book is so good I use it as a business card. And guess what? It gets me the business and it'll get you the business too!

When you start asking my 12 best sales questions, you'll become more confident, sound more professional, and achieve better selling results immediately!

Here are just some of the sales tips and techniques I reveal in my book that have worked for me and my customers for 26.5 years:

You'll learn 32 phrases you should never say during a sales call.

You'll learn how to avoid turning your sales call into an adventure.

You'll learn the most important word in sales.

You'll learn 4 qualities of a great open-ended sales question.

You'll also learn 15 ways to get self-motivated.

You'll learn why self-improvement is a continuous process.

And of course you'll learn the 12 best questions to ask customers.

Plus so much more . . . and that's no B.S.

Just read what Lynn Gabardi had to say about my book:

I read your book, "The 12 Best Questions To Ask Customers," and re-read and underlined it. Then, as you suggested, I organized my approach, and my response to objections which I practiced. By the time I got on the phone . . . I was so prepared, rehearsed, and a relaxed, I realized it changed my entire outlook on talking to sales prospects and customers.

Result: I increased my first month's sales 500%. I have been steady ever since.

So why should you consider getting this eBook

Because these sales questions are field tested and proven to work for you. Look, most salespeople are excellent communicators which means you can fall into the trap of talking too much, if you're not careful.

These questions get your sales prospects and customers talking first. When they start talking and spilling their guts out to you - you'll see a big change in their attitude and an even bigger change in your selling results.

Are you ready to take the next step and start using "The 12 Best Questions To Ask Customers?" The investment is only $19.95. - which is about the cost of 5 Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccinos.

You'll drink and drain the coffee in just a few hours. With this eBook - you'll read and retain my best questions for a lifetime. Guaranteed!

This eBook includes 3 extra value added bonuses. The eBook includes 10 extra pages of “Complete the list” exercises designed for you to expand your thinking and dramatically improve your selling results.

The eBook version also includes a 40 page Special Booklet titled "250 Transformational, Inspirational, Motivational, Educational Quotations." The value is priceless.

Your eBook investment also includes an e-mail consultation which allows you to send me up to 3 of your best open-ended questions for my critique via email.

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Read This Book And Start Selling More Every Day

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Well I could go on and on - but your time is precious.

If you do face-to-face selling, this eBook is for you. These questions work if you're selling products and they work if you're selling services. I should know because I sell both products and services.

Wouldn't you like to learn some amazing questions to get your sales prospects and customers talking more and buying more?

Reading my "12 Best Questions To Ask Customers" eBook and then asking the questions is guaranteed to jumpstart your sales performance or I'll refund 100% of your money within 30 days no questions asked.

When you start asking these questions, you'll often get this response, "That's a good question!" When was the last time someone said this about the questions you're asking?

Start selling more today and every day . . .


P.S. - As soon as you start asking these sales questions, you'll see a significant improvement in the quality of the responses you get.

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