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6 CD's for $67.50

The 12 Best Questions To Ask Customers

This global best-seller reveals the all-time best questions to ask your potential customers - if you're serious about getting their business.

You'll discover the ULTIMATE secret to selling success, which automatically guarantees you a higher personal income.

You'll learn new and creative ways to add value during every sales call, which means you'll gain immediate attention and respect from your customers.

You'll learn little-known secrets in the selling profession which will enable you to double your business within eleven months.

Finally - you'll learn the 12 Best Questions To Ask Customers which are guaranteed to position you as the preferred supplier. You'll be the envy of your competition once you listen and implement the ideas in this best-selling CD Album.

You'll be insulting yourself if you don't buy this Album. If you're only buying one set of CD's this year - make it this one!

I've earned millions of dollars with these questions. You can too! Just listen to the CD Album and it'll be ready, set, and sell!

One of the biggest benefits of investing in CD's is you can listen to them over and over again. Each time you listen you'll discover another selling tip you can use to grow your business and multiply your income.

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7 CDs for $67.50

How To Get Surefire Selling Results During Tough Times

Do you know what it really takes to succeed in sales?

Most salespeople are too busy selling to do any serious research on the subject. Why do superstars outsell 80% of their of their peers? Wouldn't you like to discover the hidden secrets to unlock the closed doors in your sales territory?

Remember, it doesn't take brains to succeed in sales. It takes discipline.

This Album (eight audio cassettes or seven CD's) describes in complete detail what it takes to become a star in your company. You will learn everything you need to know about the 13 critical elements which are essential to achieving selling success. You'll uncover winning ways to increase your sales and your personal income.

You'll have to fasten your seat belt because I'm going to spill my guts on these 13 very important elements to success: achieving goals, managing time, communicating effectively, identifying opportunities, assessing opportunities, analyzing behavioral styles, presenting solutions, overcoming obstacles, securing commitment, measuring results, adjusting your attitude, building self-confidence, and injecting enthusiasm.

If you don't buy this you'll be insulting yourself!

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